Six Benefits of a Fire Rated Access Door

Fire rated access door works just like other fire prevention mechanisms. The doors look like regular doors, but they are not. Fire rated doors are installed to enhance the security of the rooms within your property. In case of a fire, the doors can prevent the fire from spreading. It is also worth noting that having an access panel along with your fire rated access door is the best way to go. Besides, these doors come with many other benefits that include:

metal door


The primary reason why people install fire rated access doors is to ensure that they protect their property during fire breakouts. Fire rated doors are made using highly insulated steel that is capable of withstanding scorching temperatures. Gone are the heydays when you had to lose your important belongings to fires. Additionally, fire rated access doors will offer a safe exit for everyone present in your premises because some of them are built to withstand fire for hours.


We are all aware that these doors also create amazing aesthetic values for your property. The doors are also available in various styles that enable them to make your premises look prettier. Thus, this increases the aesthetic of your property while keeping your valuable property safe. This is a significant advantage of fire rated access doors that we cannot overlook. If you intend to sell your property in the future, then you will pocket extra cash for these doors.

Easy to Use

Another major gain of utilizing fire rated access doors is that they are user-friendly. You do not have to understand rocket science to learn how to use them because they run on simple controls. The access doors come with a pre-installed system that allows them to detect fire as soon as it breaks out. After installing the doors, you can control them with a remote control system.


Firstly, some fire rated access doors are made using the environmentally friendly materials. The doors are made from recycled steel hence they do not lead to the deterioration of the environment in any way. If you are conscious about the environment, fire rated access door is ideal for you. The doors offer a high level of insulation too. Apart from preventing fire, the doors can also minimize noise pollution.

Agreement with the Law

steel door

In some state, you can save your insurance premiums by investing in this fire rated access doors. Insurance service providers will notice that you have tried to reduce the risk in case of fire hence will reward you handsomely. Furthermore, in some states, the law requires property owners to install fire safety features. The doors will protect your property from flames hence keep you safe.

Work in All Circumstances

Fire rated access doors function in all situations. Some fire prevention systems like sprinklers might not be able to work when the water pressure is low. In the long run, you will end up losing your property. On the flipside, fire rated access doors remain operational in all conditions because they do not depend on any other system to work effectively.…

Tips for choosing the best log furniture

Are you interested in purchasing log furniture? Its rustic look attracts most people. This article is going to discuss the main of the factors that will help you in making the right choice when buying log furniture. To start with, it is important to consider the overall style and design of your home. Is your home overwhelming rustic? Other individuals will buy this furniture as means of adding a rustic touch to their rooms or conventional homes.

Consider the size

Size is everything. A home that has spacious ceilings and large logs requires a different design of rustic furniture as compared to a conventional one. A massive log furniture will be required in case you have large logs making up your room’s walls. Otherwise, you might be having log furniture that seems insignificant and dwarfed. Having larger pieces of furniture will also look great for a small room instead of having many small ones.

Apart from improving the look of your home, large furniture will help in making your rooms feel full. Log canopy beds are used in filling out the big spaces of bedrooms having high cathedral ceilings. Proper lighting and artwork can also help you in making maximum use of your space.

Type of wood used

There are different types of wood that are used in creating rustic furniture. The following are the main species of wood used in making log furniture.

Red cedar

This tree is also known as aromatic cedar due to its deep, fragrant smell. Cedarwood is heavy, but it is highly resistant to rot and insect attack. Furniture made from red cedar can be used for many years.

Northern white cedar

This tree is mainly grown in Canada and Northern Michigan. It is capable of withstanding the abuse of seasonal weather elements without rotting or breaking down like the other types of woods. When freshly milled, this wood is gorgeous due to its light tan colour. With age, this tree turns silvery-gray. However, it can still be treated to produce a super high-quality finish. This treatment is also helpful in retaining its natural colour. On drying, this wood develops some small cracks that are helpful in enhancing its beauty. It is worth to note that these cracks will not diminish the design or function of your furniture.

Shopping for quality

Log furniture is not created equally irrespective of how comfortable or stylish they might be. The quality of material used in making log furniture varies widely. The quality is mainly reflected in the price. You should go for the best furniture. Avoid compromising the quality level with the price.